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How to build the best Television Studio Case

扫一扫!How to build the best Television Studio Case扫一扫!
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Introduction: How to choose the mobile studio system case, what are the mobile studio security case brands, and the function of the studio?

  The mobile studio is divided into small and medium-sized mobile studios according to the activities or programs that are being dealt with. For small and medium-sized activities and simple programs, the number of docking input and output channels is generally 1 to 2, so the equipment itself is not large, can be directly placed in the Sanjunxing injection safety case, the top of the case cover can be fixed a small LCD screen, open the cover Can be invested in active work. Whether it's a small recording studio, outdoor recording, or a small virtual studio, it can be easily handled. The sturdy cabinet provides safe protection for the equipment. The IP67 waterproof cabinet is free from outdoor wind and rain, and can be easily handled by handling shocks.

  Large mobile studio systems will multiply the number of devices due to more input ports. The three-armed shock-absorbing frame case or simple rack case can perfectly solve the installation and transportation of the equipment. The alloy material standard frame provides a modular installation method. The equipment is directly fixed to the hole of the rack, which is convenient and quick to install without additional punching. . With the pull-out tray, the display and operation panel can be stored inside the cabinet and can be taken out during use. Front and rear cover design, open the cover to put into operation. With damping damping, it can isolate the impact of most vibrations on the equipment. Optional quick-release wheel set, easy to carry.

  The three military lines also provide a variety of customized solutions for the needs of special mobile studio systems. The portable devices are docked with the three military engineers to design the most suitable security case customization products.